You can help provide opportunities and protection to Southeast Asian women and children. You can use any credit card or Paypal to make a single donation or donate monthly.
€35 / US$45 covers university tuition for a former victim for a month.
€55 / US$70 covers materials for a basic empowerment activity for victims in a shelter. Read More

Innocent children having been left behind are usually the ones who become the prey of traffickers. They are so far un-recoverable because the mental problems they face have been accumulated prior their victimization. This project will provide a new recovery method of deep rehabilitation to a selected number of victims. We will provide tailored rehabilitation therapy to each girl to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-value until they become agents of change and help others

We empower vulnerable women and children communities. Regional NGO with main offices in Thailand and Vietnam. AAT’s approach is regional, holistic, experimental, and grass-roots based. – AAT is regional because sexual exploitation of women and minors is a global issue, and project mechanisms are aimed at addressing region-oriented specifics in causes of trafficking within the greater global framework – AAT is holistic because a vast range of activities and services are deployed to help women and minors in need. In addition, AAT implements complementary activities in origin, transit and destination countries. – AAT functions as a “laboratory” where innovative techniques, projects and programs are undertaken, – AAT is a grass-roots based organization, and thus uses field experience to strengthen existing mechanisms.


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