Education Sponsorship

Become an AAT education sponsor and support young women in their effort to acquire a good education and the opportunity to a real career and income – and generate a multiplier effect in their communities.

Educating a girl is the best investment you can make if you want to create empowerment. Help us change lives by supporting young women in their dreams of a good education and real opportunities.

AAT supports former victims of human trafficking or other forms of sexual exploitation in their return and reintegration, which includes opportunities to obtain an education and/or possibilities to generate sufficient income at home.

AAT has a list of girls and women requiring education funding and you can either sponsor a particular person, or donate to the AAT education fund in general, with an amount that is convenient for you. AAT will then contact you when we are planning to use your donation.

For more information contact:

AAT will provide you with regular financial reporting regarding the use of your donation, and the advancement of the studies you are sponsoring, including a letter from the young woman you are sponsoring every 6 months.