Recovering the un-recoverable innocent victims


Innocent children having been left behind are usually the ones who become the prey of traffickers. They are so far un-recoverable because the mental problems they face have been accumulated prior their victimization. This project will provide a new recovery method of deep rehabilitation to a selected number of victims. We will provide tailored rehabilitation therapy to each girl to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-value until they become agents of change and help others.


Victims of sexual violence cannot recover to normal life due to the current services. They will not able to get out of the circle of prostitution which affects their mental and physical health. Indeed, victims found in Thailand are younger. Because of social media, they are lured and forced into prostitution starting from 12 years old. They have been so mentally affected. Even there are enough resources and expertise enabling victim to recover and they usually return to prostitution.


This project will provide tailored recovery programs by using adapted resources and experts so that victims of sexual violence enable to recover and can integrate a proper life. An average of one to three years is needed for one victim to properly recover. In this project, we will undertake our therapy with 50 victims first and anticipate 70% of them to properly recover.

Long-Term Impact

The achieved success will enable to be a model for the next victims to be duplicated by the Thai government or other organizations. Former recovered victims will inspire others to recover. Furthermore, we hope that this new therapy will be used by the Thai government and other NGOs for similar cases in the future.

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