Due to the COVID restrictions, we have oriented our work using social medias and agents of change. Thus, we could provide services to numbers of people among the most affected by the restrictions as an emergency

Thailand, Laos and Myanmar have taken strict restrictions due to the COVID epidemic.

As a result, borders were closed, airports were closed, entertainment places (hidden brothels) were closed, and many businesses get affected. As a result, a lot of families lost their employment and couldn’t benefit from any income. Victims of sexual exploitation couldn’t get any income and some were remaining inside brothels without possibilities of getting access to food or other vital necessities. Furthermore, most of government services were either closed or with very limited access, so all our actions were slow down. So, giving such situation, we have hired some of our agents of change (as they have no more income) in order to collect information about families who have been severely affected by the COVID restrictions. Many of these families are at risk of prostitution (as first, agents of change contacted some of the ones that already have victims in prostitution, and given the economical problems, other selected families might be forced to this option). Then, we supported agents of change to provide support to these families so that they avoid prostitution, and to encourage the ones already in prostitution to leave prostitution (before brothels get re-opened). Furthermore, due to the actions of agents of change, we could reach some victims of prostitution who were kept in brothels but because they were no costumer, they had nothing to eat. We could bring them with basic necessities during the restrictions time.

You can help provide opportunities and protection to Southeast Asian women and children. You can use any credit card or Paypal to make a single donation or donate monthly.

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