Legal Assistance

“12 Lao girls participated in legal procedures. After the intervention of AAT to rescue them from a brothel in central Thailand, AAT prepared the girls to become witnesses. These courageous girls participated as witnesses throughout the legal procedures and were then repatriated. After 5 years of fighting, our legal team was successful in ensuring the pimp was sentenced to 50 years in jail and the girls received compensation from the offender for mental and physical damages. One family received compensation as their daughter had died after the violent assault by the pimp. AAT coordinated with the Thai and Lao governments to ensure the girlsreceived their compensation.”

AAT has a legal team that works to support victims in order to fairly prosecute offenders and generate compensation for victims. The legal team firstly convince the victims to be witnesses. Then we prepare the victims for the court procedures. We coordinate with relevant authorities and support the girls throughout the legal proceedings until the final verdict is reached at court. AAT then facilitates and arranges routing of the money from the court until it is in the hands of the victims.

Sexual exploitation and human trafficking for sexual exploitation cannot be eradicated without prosecuting offenders.