“Based on information received from an agent of change empowered by AAT in Shan State, we were able to rescue 23 victims trafficked to Malaysia and 113 victims in Thailand from a brothel disguised as a massage parlor in Bangkok.
The woman informed us of a girl trafficked to a massage parlor in Bangkok. Our investigations found that the said massage parlor also sends girls to a brothel in Malaysia. We established a trap operation to rescue 3 girls from Malaysia and received them at the Thai-Malaysian border. We then coordinated with local authorities to rescue 20 more girls from Malaysian brothels. With Thai authorities, we gathered evidence and raided the massage parlor in Bangkok. 113 girls were freed and 9 were taken into protection as victims of trafficking”

A network of informers

We have created a network of local community-based people who screen vulnerable communities and send information of missing persons. We have also created a network of locals near brothels to send information on exploited girls and women. The network includes: Former victims, local volunteers (monks, teachers, others), local NGOs/associations/groups, local migrants, local businesses covering Thailand, Laos, Shan State, Myanmar and Malaysia. We have also created notification possibilities across various social media platforms.

Rescue from brothels

When AAT receives a notification that there is a victim of sexual exploitation inside a brothel or brothels disguised as entertainment venues, we locate the girl, gather evidence of sexual exploitation and coordinate with local authorities to raid the venue and rescue the victim. AAT assists in victim identification and transfers those identified as victims to places of safety. AAT has direct actions in Thailand, Laos and North Myanmar.

AAT also protects Burmese, Lao and Thai victims trafficked to other countries. We coordinate with the embassies or local organizations from the country of destination to rescue the victims. We assist them during the rescue operation and facilitate their repatriation back to their country of origin. We pick them up and send them home or take them to places of safety. We have worked with cases in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Bahrain, South Africa, France and Dubai.

Rescue of forced marriage victims destined for China

We have a special project to protect Lao and Burmese girls from forced marriage with Chinese men. We protect victims before their departure to China. On being notified of cases, we also find victims in China and facilitate their repatriation home to Laos and Myanmar.

Rescue from hazardous places

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) joined with the Army and police to raid a massage parlour in Bangkok’s Rama 9 area on Friday over allegations of human trafficking and prostitution of girls under 18.

AAT has operations to protect victims or at risk groups who are sent to places such as detention centres, prisons or at borders where they are being deported or where they have been brought by traffickers. AAT brings them out and transfers them home or to safe places.